Tenryu River Boating

Gently boat down the beautiful valley of Tenryukyo, enjoy river boating stimulating your five senses. Here is the only place to experience a gorge scenery of dynamic and fascinating rocks on a river boating!

Tenryu Rhine-kudari

Our pride and joy Tenryu Rhine-kudari with beautiful nature valley and net casting. We welcome you and heal yourself from the busy daily life.

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National scenic beauty Tenryukyo / Map of nature trail

From the Koyakyo-bridge and cross the Tsutsujibashi-bridge, nature trail routes around the Tenryukyo. The trail course is about 1 hour.

Place of interest
  • Fascinating and dynamic rocks of beautiful gorge valley from Tsutsujibashi- bridge
  • Rich and colorful plants has designated as a national scenic beauty
  • Sakura blossom and Rhododendron dilatatum (Mitsuba-Tsutsuji) in the Spring, Golden Rayed Lily in the Summer, flaming like autumn leaves in Autumn and snow-covered beauty in Winter.
  • Many stone monument with inscribed haiku and poems
  • Stores and ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) still holds the appearance of Showa-era, passed down cultural treasure and many more

Breathe in fresh and wonderful air, surrounded by greenery, and enjoy your stay with feel of the beautiful nature and history.

Great Tenryukyo Bridge (Tenryukyo O-hashi)

High above into the sky like a dragon is the Great Tenryukyo Bridge. The bridge looks over breathtaking nature of Tenryukyo National Park below. Sky Walk Tenryukyo (Sorasanpo Tenryukyo) lets you walk on the footpath right underneath the bridge for seasonal sights. (Since 2019.11.17)

Sky Walk Tenryukyo (Sorasanpo Tenryukyo)
Opening hours:
April to September 6:30 – 18:00
October to March 7:30 – 16:30
※Opening hours may change due to weather conditions.

Tenryukyo Guidance Facilities ”Yottekan Tenryukyo”

Explains the history, nature and geography of Tenryukyo. Visual overview of the area can be gained using large screens and geographical models with projectors.
The facility is part of the nature trail with entrances at both north and south side with access from both directions.

Entrance Fee: Free No Reception Required.
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 17:00 (16:00 from December – February)
Closed on Wednesdays. (Open on national holidays.)
All facilities are closed from 29th December – 3rd January.