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Tenryukyo Tourism Information center
4756-21 Kawaji, Iida-city, Nagano Postal; 399-2431
Inside the Tenryukyo Hyakunen Saisei Hall

Tenryukyo Hyakunen Saisei Hall facility adjoins with Tenryukyo Tourism Information Center. Inside the retro-inspired facility, 100 years of Tenryukyo history exhibits by panels and photographs.


Q. What is the difference between “Tenryu Rhine-kudari” and “Tenryu River Boat Tours”?

The boating course differs as follows.
“Tenryu River Boat Tours” is located on the upper and north side of the river.

Tenryu Rhine-kudari: Tenryukyo Onsen Port ~ Karakasa Port
Tenryu River Boat Tours: Benten Port to Tokimata Port

Tenryu Rhine-kudari travels down the Tenryukyo gorge, and the scenery is a proud one.For more details, visit Tenryu Rhine-kudari homepage.
For Tenryu River Boat Tours, exciting water splashes are some of the features of the ride. For more details, visit Tenryu River Boat Tours homepage.

Q. After river boating, how would we return to the original location?

For Tenryu Rhine-kudari
Karakasa port is the last port of the trip. From there you can return by the JR Iida line. If the train is not available, a free shuttle bus will pick you up and return to the original location. For details, visit Tenryu Rhine-kudari homepage.

For Tenryu River Boat Tours
A shuttle bus runs from arrival port to departure port. For details, visit Tenryu River Boat Tours homepage.

Q. Does river boating runs during a winter season?

Yes, river boating runs all year around. During the winter season, a boat is equipped with “Kotatsu” (blanket-covered table with a heater underneath) to enjoy river boating nice and warm.

Q. Heard there are nature trails…

Yes, there is a 2km nature trail that lap around the gorge. It takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to go around the trail. For details, contact Tenryukyo Tourism Information Center at 0265-27-2946. Furthermore, a reservation can be made for a guide for the trail.

Q. Can a handicapped person travel through the nature trail?

The trail has slopes and steps, which may create difficulty to go along the whole route. However, there are few spots along the trail where a car can be pulled over. Please ask tourism information center for more details.

Q. Can a wheelchair or baby stroller travel through the nature trail?

The nature trails are made from the natural terrains, slopes and steps makes inaccessible for wheelchair and baby stroller to travel forward. In those cases, beautiful scenery can be enjoyed from the top of Koya Bridge, or carry your baby and enjoy the nature trails.

Q. Can pet walk with us on the nature trail?

Yes, you can. However, please take caution when passing other pedestrians in narrow trails and a suspension bridge. Do not forget to clean your pet’s waste along the way.

Q. Where can I go for apple picking?

By visiting the Tenryukyo Apple Picking Association, they can introduce apple picking farm available for the day. Apple picking can be enjoyed from August to November, annually.

Tenryukyo Apple Picking Association
Few minutes by car from Tenryukyo station
PHONE. 0265-27- 3322

Q. When is the best time to enjoy cherry blossom?

It can differ from year to year, but cherry blossom in the valley can be enjoyed from early April to mid-April. (e.g. Mountain cherry blossom, Early-flowering cherry blossom, Yoshino cherry blossom, and others)

Best time to enjoy Tenryukyo Yae Sakura Road (Tenryukyo double cherry blossom Avenue) is around April 20th.

Q. When is the best time to enjoy golden-rayed lily?

It can differ from year to year, but best time for golden-rayed lily is around mid-July.

Q. When is the best time to enjoy autumn leaves?

Best times to enjoy autumn leaves are around November. It depends on the year, as it can be early or late in the month. Although, it’s difficult to have a definitive answer as Tenryukyo has a range of elevations, causing a difference in the amount of sunlight by the areas. Therefore, autumn leaves can be enjoyed in multiple areas, creating enjoyment relatively in extended period.

Q. Could I stay at one of the inn without reservation?

It depends on the case and dates, but we recommend you to make a reservation before your visit. Especially, if you would like to stay at a family run inn, they may not be able to make arrangements for your stay without reservation.

Q. Are there any day trip hot spring in the area?

Yes, there are day trip hot spring to enjoy in Tenryukyo. For further details, visit hot spring information.

Q. Are there any footbath hot spring in the area?

Yes, there is a footbath, called “Apple Footbath.” Relax and enjoy the footbath with the view of Tenryu River just below the hot spring.

Operation Period: Late March to End of November
Cooperation Money: 100 yen per person